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We are happy to announce to you that we are planning Glover Pioneer Camp 2021.  We have received permission from the state to have camp at our regular time, the week before July 4.  We are scheduling camp from Monday, June 28 - Friday, July 2.  Because we may still be under mask requirements that week, we are thinking about limiting the number of campers to 40.  So, first come first served.  We have received an appropriation from the town of Glover to help with scholarships and welcome other donations from the community..  

Our Covid policy will be determined by the state's guidelines as of the start of camp.  Most of our counselors have already been vaccinated in order to protect your children.  We are modifying our offerings and our scheduling in order to keep kids in smaller groups and appropriately separated.  Our goal is to minimize the free-for-all aspect of camp and have kids move around through planned activities that keep them spaced out and mostly in small groups, busy and having fun, especially morning arrival and games, lunch and fort building.

We will begin with old pioneer era kids' games, followed by morning meeting and morning activities, which will rotate everyday with a new group of kids, so that all kids get exposed to all morning activities during the week.  Morning activities will include: a large mural painting, introduction to clay, building a solid fort, prey and predator, pioneer house keeping.  Mid-day, we will be taking a different hike every day with a bag lunch which we will provide. 


Afternoon Focus Groups

2021 Offerings


in the West Glover cemetery, campers will learn about the old pioneers and how to identify, clean and repair cemetery stones and markers.


Learn how the early settlers used ropes and logs to lift heavy loads, move buildings and pull stumps, and use moving water to power a water wheel.  We don't have oxen, but we'll use  leverage, gravity and kid power to do some jobs at the settlement.


We will work on several projects during the week, all designed to teach campers how to safely use a variety of hand tools and woodworking techniques.  Recent year's projects have included birdhouses, cornhole games, picnic tables.  This year we are thinking about building whirligigs.


Barn quilts have been around for 300 years in the United States, believed to have been influenced by immigrants from Central Europe, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. Barn quilts are large paintings painted directly on barns or painted on wood and attached to barns throughout rural America. Traditionally barn quilts are family quilt patterns designed to honor loved ones.  Campers will work with line, shape, design and color to collectively create a community 8’x 8’ colorful barn quilt. Once painting, repainted and sealed with coats of urethane, the quilt will be erected on a local barn in Glover. We will be working in acrylic and latex paints. Smocks will be provided, however, this paint is hard to remove from clothing and it is recommended that campers wear clothing that can become stained. Emerging ourselves in this creative process may get messy.


We will excavate (dig in the dirt!) a site at the historic Parker Settlement and put the artifacts we find, pieces of the puzzle, together to discover what life was like two hundred years ago. Get ready to find clues and explore the past!. 

Fill out our Online Registration Form here, where your camper can choose their first, second and third choice of Focus Groups.  We will try to place your child in their first choice, but cannot always guarantee it.  So make sure that their second and third choice is acceptable in the end.  Rest assured that they will have a great time doing whatever Focus Group they end up in.

And then we will, of course, end the day with a swim in the lake and a snack.   

We are hoping that some parents will volunteer to spend the week with us, hopefully vaccinated.  We expect every camper to bring a mask every day and to wear it during their small group work, but not on hikes or in the woods.  The state is offering testing kits to all Vermont camps, free of charge, so we will be taking temperatures, conducting a daily health survey and contact tracing.  

We are always looking for junior counselors, work crews, either paid or for community service credits.  We have a lot of pre-camp prep work and could use a couple of hours of your time before camp begins.  Let us know if you can help.  


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