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Our goal is for every child who wants to attend Glover Pioneer Camp to be able to come.  Please do not let finances be a barrier to sending your child to camp!  Here are some guidelines to think about when filling out your application:

  • Generally speaking, we can offer 1/4 and 1/2 scholarships ($62.50 and $125 off the camp fees, respectively.)  This is in addition to the discount you receive for additional children in a family. If you have special circumstances and need additional assistance, let us know.

  • If you can work for all or part of your child’s tuition in lieu of a scholarship, please check the appropriate box on the form and let us know what you can offer in the way of time or skills.

  • Preference for scholarships will be given to children from the local area.

  • Please indicate on the registration form if you need scholarship assistance.

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