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About Camp

Glover Pioneer Camp, which was founded in Glover, Vermont in 1996, offers an amazing range of camp activities for all our campers, from 1st through 8th grades. From exploratory free time to planned programming focused on outdoor exploration, old-fashioned skills and crafts, and local history, our staff is always there to ensure a fun and safe experience for all.


Fort Building

Learn lashing, knots, and safe construction techniques!


Nature Exploration

Learn to be a steward of the land.



Trained lifeguards and EMT's on site!


Building Community

Every day begins with Morning Meeting, where campers share receive daily announcements, make connections with each other by sharing exciting stories from camp, and sing songs together!

At Glover Pioneer Camp, we have programs designed for all ages and all abilities in a variety of are

Arts, Crafts, and
Old-fashioned Skills

At Glover Pioneer Camp, we have programs designed for all ages and all abilities in a variety of areas. Over the years, campers have signed up for classes in pottery, felting, carpentry, junk instrument design, theater, and much, much more! Do you have an old fashioned craft or skill that you think would make a good addition to camp? Let us know!


Fun and Games, and Learning

In their free time, our campers play old fashioned games led by our Junior Counselors such as Tug of War and Kick the Can, explore the forest around the original Lake Parker settlement, and engage in imaginative play. Even on rainy days, our activities center around learning about nature and appreciating our pristine Northeast Kingdom environment.

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