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Camp Policies


  • Move on foot on uneven, outdoor terrain and negotiate natural obstacles, such as hills, streams, and boulders.

  • Lift and carry a small backpack for hiking.

  • Follow directions and participate willingly in camp activities.

  • Refrain from violence, hitting, verbal assault, bullying, or any similar behavior.

  • Listen well, show respect for others, work/play/interact in large and small groups.

  • Take prescribed medication as directed by their doctor.

  • Take responsibility for self-care, health and hygiene, including using the toilet.

  • Abide by PDC rules as explained by camp staff.

  • Promptly notify PDC Staff of any health condition that requires medical attention or change of activity.

  • Children with special needs are welcome to attend camp if accompanied by a one-on-one support person. This support person must be listed on the child’s application.  A person coming to camp to assist or supervise a special-needs child is expected to devote their full attention to making that child’s camp experience possible, and will not be offered or assigned additional responsibilities.

  • Campers may not bring knives, tools, matches, or lighters to camp.  We know that this is a rural community and that many of our campers are used to handling these items safely at home or around the farm.  However, children sometimes lose focus when they are around their peers, or other children with less experience might engage in horseplay or do something thoughtless while a tool is in use.  In focus groups which use knives, tools, or fire, age-appropriate equipment will be provided after safety instruction.

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