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What does my child need for camp?

We have some policy changes for this year, so please read carefully!

  • We will be spending most of our time outside, weather permitting, so be sure your child has a backpack (not too heavy!) with the necessary gear — sweat shirt, rain gear, water bottle, sun screen and extra socks.  Campers mustwear sturdy shoes and socks, with long pants tucked into their socks!

  • We will provide Deet-free bug repellent. Please do not send a spray containing Deet with your child.  Parents, please inspect your children for ticks at the end of every day.

  • In the afternoons we go swimming, weather permitting, so your child should bring a towel and a bathing suit. It will save time if they wear their bathing suit under their clothes (although we will have changing areas.) We will have lifeguards on duty. Our camp staff includes at least three emergency medical personnel.

  • If your camper has specific allergies or medical issues, please let us know in advance. Any medication your child is taking should be noted on the health form.  If we are to administer any medications, we must have a doctor’s note.

  • You must provide your child with a bag lunch every day. We will provide a healthy snack in the afternoon.

  • A light breakfast will be available between 8-9 a.m.

  • Campers may not bring knives, tools, matches, or lighters to camp.  We know that this is a rural community and that many of our campers are used to handling these items safely at home or around the farm.  However, children sometimes lose focus when they are around their peers, or other children with less experience might engage in horseplay or do something thoughtless while a tool is in use.  In focus groups which use knives, tools, or fire, age-appropriate equipment will be provided after safety instruction.

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