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2024 Focus Groups

When you register, your child can sign up for one of our place-based focus groups that will be their main afternoon activity while at camp. Incoming 1st and 2nd graders begin in our "Nature Explorers" group. 

Young Fisherman


Incoming 3rd-8th Graders

Learn about the fish in Lake Parker and try to catch some.  Practice digging for worms, baiting a hook, tying a fishing knot, and casting a line.  Boat safety will be introduced in preparation for the opportunity to go out in a boat to fish offshore.

PDC 2018 010.JPG

Carpentry Basics

Incoming 3rd-8th Graders

Last year campers built a sturdy new swingset on the settlement for all their friends to enjoy. It also included a climbing wall and a platform for playing on. We are still designing this summer's main project, but whatever it ends up being, campers will learn to use tools correctly, confidently and, above all, safely.


Stones and Bones

Incoming 3rd-8th Graders

Meet the residents in the local cemetery who were the very first homesteaders on the old Parker Settlement where our camp is today. Learn about cemetery stone maintenance and West Glover history at the same time!



Incoming 3rd-8th Graders

Explore old cellar holes, and use trowels and metal detectors to find long-lost objects from the early 1800's. In the past, campers have found pieces of brick, shards of painted pottery, square nails, old kitchen knives, and iron hooks for hanging pots over the fireplace.

PDC 2018 last day 001.JPG

From the Page to the Stage

Incoming 3rd-8th Graders

A writing, theater, and set design experience with Vermont nature as the backdrop for inspiration. Campers will come up with an original script and then work throughout the week to bring their story to life! 

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